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                   - ジョセフ・H・ピラティス


- BASI Pilates Comprehensive Certified Instructor
- Bootybarre Master Trainer
- IHTA認定 SUPヨガインストラクター
- Master Stretch Level 1 Trainer
- TRX Trainer












その後ピラティスを始め、2009年にBASI ピラティスマットインストラクターの資格を取得後、続けてマシン資格も取得。


2011年11月bootybarre創始者Tracey Malletより直々に日本で第一回目開催となるbootybarreインストラクタートレーニングを受講、2012年4月よりクラスを担当。









2015年10月bootybarre創始者Tracey Malletのオファーによりbootybarre Master Trainerとなる。



インストラクターとして目標としているSheri Long氏が「インストラクターはクライアントへの責任の元、学びを止めてはいけない」という言葉を糧に、現在も日本、アメリカ、オーストラリアなどでワークショップやトレーニングに参加し続けている。







Born in and raised in Hiroshima, Japan. Saori was an active child who loved gymnastic. She belonged to a gymnastic club at high school and was fascinated about it. She also did ball room dance at college. After finishing her college, she started Jazzercise® and did it for years but she had to stop it when she got a thyroid problem. After stopping it, she was looking for an alternate workout with low impact for a long time and she finally found one, which was Pilates. Pilates has changed her whole life. She fell in love with the Pilates Method that made her enable to go back to her active lifestyle, therefore she wanted to be a Pilates teacher and wanted to spread the Method to Japan.

She decided to become a Pilates teacher and completed the comprehensive training course in 2010 in Japan. She’s got her certification from BASI® (Body Art and Science International) Pilates in 2011 she started her journey as a Pilates teacher and which she believes is the ideal job for her. The more she learned about Pilates, the more she got to love it.


After she taught Pilates for 4 years at BASI® Pilates Studio in Japan, in 2013 she got married with an American guy who comes from Hawaii. At the late 2013, her husband decided to move back to Hawaii and that brought her to Hawaii. Since she had never taught Pilates in English before, she practiced and practiced for months and she finally has got a job at Honolulu Club as a Pilates teacher.


She loves meeting new people She has helped a lot of clients, not only in Japan but in Hawaii, to improve their activity skill and find the better lifestyle.


She is the only Japanese speaking Pilates Comprehensive instructor in Honolulu and has a fairly good reputation because of her precise teaching skill and her social communication skill.


In her first Pilates training, she had Sheri Long, a BASI® Faculty Member, and Sheri gave the trainees a thoughtful message : “Now you are at the entrance of Pilates Journey, which will never end. Even if you might think you’ve achieved the goal, you’ll immediately find your next goal. You might get tired of it since it may not be always easy, but as a Pilates teacher, you must not stop learning. Keep learning, and it’s your responsibility as a Pilates teacher.” The message has moved Saori so much, she always keeps it in her mind and keeps learning. She travels to US Mainland, Japan, Australia to do various trainings, at least twice a year and enjoys interacting with Pilates enthusiasts from all over the world, which keeps her motivated to teach Pilates.


In the near future, she’d like to open her home studio and have private clients at her studio in a homey atmosphere.


And her future dream is becoming a “bridge” between Hawaii and Japan. She’d love to start leading a Pilates training course both in Hawaii and in Japan in the future to help to develop new Pilates teachers and pass the torch to them.